A Little About Me
Hello! My name is Tamara Guin! I am a full time work at home mom with 3 handsome little boys! Lukas is 5, Milo is 2, and Sawyer is almost half a year old! I LOVE spending time with family and camping often! Being a boy mom is the most rewarding gift of this life! 
When I'm not at home you can find me at doctor's appointments or at the grocery store! I don't really spend much time out of the house unless I'm the one that gets to drive because my husband's driving gives me anxiety!

I've chosen to be that person that reaches out to everyone with a kind heart! I've been the one that's been picked on and laughed at growing up! I know what it feels like to be the last one chosen! My goal is to make EVERYONE feel like a SOMEONE! We all deserve the best in life and I will do everything in my power to help you achieve great things! 
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